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Volunteers Needed

Richard Judd
We are actively now looking to add to our growing band of willing helpers/volunteers

Support would be welcome in particular in the following areas

1. Litter picks both reguarly and also at event/working party days

2. Website adminstration and updating (this can be done at home and around other commitments)

3. Help with planning events/projects currently planning Leadgate XMAS 2017

4. To assist with exploring options for activites/funding for future events.projects including Activites for the Young People of the village. Community Gardening and also a Neighbourhood Co-ordinator/be friending service

5. Assiting with the Shop Local campaign

For an overview of the Task Force please have a look at website http://www.leadgatevillage.org.uk/taskforce.html

If you can share with any contacts that would be most helpful


Richard Judd

Chair of the Leadgate Task Force